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Combatting modern day cyber threats requires a deep understanding of sound security best practices, technologies, expert human resource and orchestration across each.

Network flows, machine data and cyber solutions generate massive amounts of data that must be aggregated, correlated and reviewed constantly. Most organizations don’t have the time, money, expertise or personnel to maintain an effective security program 24x7x365.

CyFlare provides a Security Operations Center, based out of Rochester, NY that leverages best of breed tools, emerging security technologies and world class human talent to solve this problem for customers globally.

Security Operations Center Process

The Security Operations Center is heavily involved in interacting with our partners customers. The SOC works closely with partners to understand their clients goals and requirements.  Once we understand the goals we can deploy an ideal solution with pervasive visibility and build proper context within the solutions to ensure the alerts coming out of the CyFlare SOC to clients are meaningful.

Security Automation & Orchestration

It is not enough to collect data, analyze, investigate and net out what remediation options are available to clients in todays market. A full service SOC should do more and CyFlare can leveraging our partnership with Phantom we can add significantly more value than the typical SOC by automatically executing playbooks and taking remediation actions integrating the clients current security stack. Imagine automatically blocking an IP at the firewall once the SOC has determined a malicious connection is being made, requiring no action from your client. CyFlare can make this happen.

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