Assure Attack Surface Monitoring

Threat Informed Continuous Penetration Testing

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations face expanding digital footprints, introducing a considerable increase in attack surface and risk.

CyFlare Assure’s Attack Surface Monitoring and continuous penetration testing address these challenges by providing comprehensive, continuous visibility into your organization’s digital perimeter, enabling you to identify and resolve exploitable vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors before serious damage can affect your organization.

Does this sound like you?

I lack visibility and awareness of my organizations public facing assets.

My team is overwhelmed with an endless list of vulnerabilities for our growing public attack surface.

We need clarity on what our absolute exploitable vulnerabilities are for an efficient patch management strategy.

As a CISO, I need direction on external threats and weaknesses in my perimeter defenses.

We are facing compliance challenges, such as meeting data privacy regulatory requirements.​

I need to be more effective when it comes to my security budget.

Know Your Perimeter

Gain complete visibility of your external digital surface, understand validated risk, and potential attack vectors continuously.

Focus on What Matters

Concentrate on human-triaged and vetted true positive vulnerabilities

Reduce Your Risk

Minimize your perimeter and attack surface by shutting down unnecessary systems and services, resolve and secure actual vulnerabilities.

What's the Difference Between External Penetration Testing and CTEM?

Use Case External Penetration Testing Continuous Threat Exposure Management


Limited to externally defined parameters
Focuses on assets discovered externally, particularly on the internet, within predefined parameters of your organization TLD's and extends to External Third party assets


Predefined, scoped external assets
All assets associated with your Top-Level Domains (TLDs), including domains, IP addresses, ports, services, codebases, repositories, and domain analytics for DNS records and anything that can be found on the internet relevant to your domains


Unique public IP addresses
Domains, IP addresses linked to domains, ports, services, front-end code, repositories, and domain analytics for DNS. Provides detailed vulnerability assessments, exploits proof of concepts (POCs), rated using DREAD scoring, and indicates severity. Also validates against targeted exploits across the internet . Additionally provides only relevant and priortized threats to be remediated first vs all found vulnerabilities


One-time assessment
Continuous monitoring and testing to identify and manage emerging threats and assets, ensuring ongoing security improvement


Consolidated bulk report

Dynamic, continuous monitoring portal providing real-time threat and vulnerability management for all assets

SOC Integration

SOC receives contextual inputs on observed threats for better triage and elimination of false positives, facilitating proactive security measures


Limited within CSP portal

Full visibility and actionable insights available through the centralized CSP portal

Remediation Guidance

Limited guidance on exploit remediation

CTEM portal offers expert engagement for additional guidance and remediation recommendations with ease of access

Whitelisting Requirements

Whitelisting required for scoped assets

No whitelisting necessary; employs a broader approach akin to adversary perspectives, focusing on TLDs and DNS configurations

Dark Web Monitoring

Not included

Includes Dark Web monitoring for insights related to your organization's domains

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