Cybersecurity Defenses for Summer Vacations: Keeping Your Devices Out of Trouble

As you pack and get ready to hit the road for one of your last Summer vacations, remember your cybersecurity training, keep your cyber defenses up and teach your family and friends to do the same. Never forget that information gathering can happen any time on your trip – make safe practices a habit! Security Intelligence outlines many helpful tips, including:

  • Avoid using shared electronic devices or untrusted accessories. Shared computers and accessories may already carry malicious software or might be set to log your keystrokes. Avoid connecting your devices to shared computers or cables. Use safe browsing habits if you must use a shared computer during your travels. Use an incognito (private) browser, do not log in to sites with confidential information, and do not save or use ‘Remember Me’ options when visiting sites. Ensure that you log out and clear browser history and cookies upon completing your browsing session.
  • Avoid free public Wi-Fi. Remember that public Wi-Fi is public. Be cautious. Ask for the correct name and connect only to known and secured Wi-Fi networks. Do not access sensitive information over public Wi-Fi. If you must access sensitive data, ensure it is over a secure VPN network.

  • Keep track of all your electronic devices. Do not leave them unsupervised even while charging.

  • Stop and think before you click. Analyze links and attachments in emails, social media sites, or other sources before accessing them. When in doubt, do not click. Instead, go directly to the trusted company’s webpage. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.