Website Security to Alert, Clean and Prevent Website Attacks

We have been working for nearly a year on creating a simple and effective website security alerting and protection service purpose built for the small business owner.

Our customers, like you, are working on building a dream into a business that fulfills life long dreams.  They do not have the time to worry about the security of their website and most simply do not understand website security in general.

CyFlare is founded by industry experts with success in small business.  We get what it means to be doing everything for your business and we aim to simplify website security.

Websites are attacked and successfully hacked for many reasons, most have nothing to do with you or your business. Your website is randomly targeted using automated machine mechanisms and because most websites have over 100 security vulnerabilities based on our research, it is easy to compromise your website and eventually your data or customers.

The impact of being hacked can cost you visitors, search engine ranking, brand reputation and even worse real money or blacklisting.

Imagine if your website which you have invested in, depending on to get new customers or support your existing customers is hacked and suddenly you cannot send emails because your domain is blacklisted or your website doesn’t come up in major browsers because it has been flagged by Bing or Google as a malicious site?

At CyFlare we can alert you when your website has been hacked, we can clean your hacked website and we can proactively block hacker attempts to compromise your website.

We commit to talk to you like a regular person, explain security basics and treat the integrity of your website like our own.

Click Here to get a free scan of your website and see if your website has been compromised already.