CyFlare and Stellar Cyber Partner to Offer QRadar Customers a Cost-Effective, Open XDR Alternative

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, change is the only constant. With Palo Alto Networks’ recent acquisition of IBM’s QRadar SIEM platform, many organizations are now deciding whether to migrate to Palo Alto’s XSIAM platform. Recognizing the concerns of QRadar users seeking alternatives, CyFlare has partnered with Stellar Cyber to provide a powerful, cost-effective, and open solution.

The proprietary nature and potential cost increases of XSIAM have prompted many organizations to explore other options. CyFlare and Stellar Cyber have teamed up to offer a seamless transition for QRadar customers, leveraging Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform and CyFlare’s managed security expertise.

“We understand that many organizations relying on QRadar are seeking alternatives to the proprietary and potentially costly XSIAM platform,” said Joe Morin, CEO at CyFlare. “Our collaboration with Stellar Cyber enables us to deliver a proven solution that seamlessly integrates with QRadar and surpasses its capabilities in threat detection, response, and overall value.”

By combining Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform with CyFlare’s 24/7 threat monitoring, rapid incident response, and expert guidance, QRadar customers can enhance their security posture without additional in-house resources.

“Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform is designed to integrate effortlessly with a wide range of security tools, including QRadar,” stated Greg Lewis, VP of Sales for Stellar Cyber. “This allows organizations to leverage their current infrastructure while benefiting from advanced AI-driven threat detection and response capabilities.”

This partnership offers several key advantages for QRadar customers:

  • Seamless Integration: Maintain your existing QRadar deployment and other security tools.
  • Cost-Effective: A compelling alternative to the potentially higher costs of XSIAM.
  • Open Architecture: Avoid vendor lock-in and enjoy the flexibility to customize your security environment.
  • Advanced Threat Detection: Leverage AI and machine learning to quickly identify and respond to threats.
  • Managed Security Expertise: Benefit from CyFlare’s experienced team of security professionals for round-the-clock support.


Don’t let the uncertainty surrounding QRadar’s future impact your security. Contact CyFlare today for a personalized security briefing and discover how our partnership with Stellar Cyber can address your unique needs.

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Together, we can ensure a seamless transition and a stronger security posture for your organization.