Managed Extended Detection and Response in Houston, TX

CyFlare is a leading provider of managed extended detection and response in Houston. Our expert team works with businesses of all sizes across various industries to make their cybersecurity more streamlined, efficient and manageable. If you’re looking to simplify your security stack, reduce workloads and keep your company one step ahead, speak to us about our expert MXDR services.
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What is Managed Extended Detection and Response?

MXDR stands for managed extended detection and response. It’s an advanced security service that combines powerful technology with human expertise to constantly guard your entire IT infrastructure. This includes everything from your devices and cloud applications to your everyday business systems.MXDR uses sophisticated tools to analyze vast amounts of data in real-time. This allows for the identification of even the most subtle suspicious activity. With this advanced threat detection, MXDR doesn’t just raise red flags; it takes action. The experienced security team working behind your MXDR solution can quickly investigate and neutralize potential threats before they cause any damage.By outsourcing MXDR to a trusted provider like CyFlare, you gain the benefits of a robust security system without the burden of building and managing your own team.

Managed Extended Detection and Response in Houston - What We Do

CyFlare’s managed extended detection and response service goes beyond just collecting data. We provide a unified view of your entire IT environment, from cloud systems and on-premises infrastructure all the way down to individual devices. We fuse data from your existing security solutions with advanced analytics and real-time threat intelligence. This creates a single, clear picture of all security events happening within your network.Our MXDR service actively hunts for threats, identifying suspicious activity before it can cause damage. Our system prioritizes alerts based on severity, ensuring our security team focuses on the most critical issues. Additionally, MXDR automates responses across multiple security tools, allowing for the swift neutralization of even complex multi-vector attacks.By consolidating your security stack and automating responses, CyFlare streamlines your security posture, making it more efficient and effective.If you need IT support beyond MXDR, we can help. We provide a wide range of expert solutions, including:

mXDR – Managed Extended Detection and Response

mEDR – Managed Endpoint Detection and Response


VSS – Vulnerability Scanning Services


SOC / MSSP – Security Operations Center / Managed Security Services Provider

Incident Response Planning

Penetration Testing

Risk Assessments


Regulatory Compliance Services

Cyber Insurance


Auto Remediation

Speak to us today to find out more about how we can help you with your IT needs. 

Why Choose CyFlare for Managed Extended Detection and Response?

Businesses in Houston and beyond have relied on CyFlare for years as their MSSP, and here’s why:

  • Unparalleled Expertise: Our extensive experience ensures top-quality security services and comprehensive support, no matter your needs.
  • Holistic Security: We go beyond individual issues. We can manage your entire security infrastructure, providing a complete solution.
  • Proactive Approach: We don’t wait for threats. We take preventative measures to minimize risk and prepare you for any security challenge.
  • Cost-Effective Security: Our team offers unmatched knowledge and accessibility, making CyFlare a cost-effective choice for robust security support.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: With advanced technology and expertise in XDR, MDR and cyber risk intelligence, we protect your business using actionable insights for enhanced cyber resilience.

Industries We Work With

Our proven expertise allows us to deliver comprehensive MXDR and IT support to businesses across various sectors, including:
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Non-profit
  • Real Estate
  • SMBs
  • Enterprise
  • Finance

Communities We Serve

As well as supporting businesses through managed extended detection and response in Houston, we also extend our services to businesses in:
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco

Find Out More

Please contact us for more information about our MXDR services and how we can help you.