Managed Security Service Provider in Houston, TX

If you’re looking for an exceptional managed security service provider in Houston, choose CyFlare. Our specialized team offers comprehensive protection and advanced security solutions for businesses in the area. We easily integrate with your operations, acting as your dedicated security department. Rely on us to secure your infrastructure and optimize security measures so your team can focus on core activities without worrying about security. 

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What is a Managed Security Service Provider?

A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) will focus on monitoring and managing security devices and systems to enhance your cybersecurity defenses. CyFlare is a leading MSSP. We provide essential services such as intrusion detection, firewall management, VPN management, vulnerability scanning and anti-virus solutions.

Partnering with a managed security service provider like CyFlare means accessing advanced security technologies and expert insights without the overhead of maintaining an internal security team. We understand the complexities of modern cyber threats and proactively monitor for potential breaches, ensuring swift response and mitigation.

Our solutions are customized to meet your specific needs and budget, ensuring your business stays secure round-the-clock. By choosing CyFlare as your MSSP, you can concentrate on your business priorities while we handle the intricacies of cybersecurity, effectively protecting your assets.

Managed Security Service Provider in Houston - What We Do

As your managed security service provider (MSSP), we handle all your security needs, from threat detection and incident response to compliance management and strategic security planning. Consider us your dedicated security team without the complications and costs of an in-house staff. 

With our managed security services, you benefit from continuous monitoring by experts who ensure your systems are secure and operating efficiently around the clock. We prioritize preventing breaches before they affect your operations, ensuring your business remains productive and secure. 

In addition to being a dependable managed security service provider in Houston, CyFlare is also trusted by local businesses for a wide range of other IT support services, including:  

mXDR – Managed Extended Detection and Response

mEDR – Managed Endpoint Detection and Response


VSS – Vulnerability Scanning Services


SOC / MSSP – Security Operations Center / Managed Security Services Provider

Incident Response Planning

Penetration Testing

Risk Assessments


Regulatory Compliance Services

Cyber Insurance


Auto Remediation

Whatever your IT needs are, we have the knowledge to help. 

Why Choose CyFlare as Your Managed Security Service Provider?

Businesses in Houston and beyond have relied on CyFlare for years as their MSSP, and here’s why:

  • Extensive Knowledge: Our broad experience guarantees top-quality managed security services and thorough support.
  • Holistic Security Solutions: We address everything from specific security issues to managing your entire security infrastructure.
  • Preventative Management: We preempt potential threats, reducing risk and preparing for any security challenges.
  • Cost-Effective Expertise: Our professional team offers unmatched knowledge and accessibility, making us a cost-effective choice for comprehensive security support.
  • Strategic Cybersecurity Approach: As a trusted partner for CISOs and businesses worldwide, we go beyond standard security measures to help clients understand the reasons behind cybersecurity decisions.
  • Innovative Technology: Renowned for our advanced technology and actionable insights, we enhance cyber resilience with expertise in XDR, MDR and cyber risk intelligence.
  • Verified Success: Our dedicated team provides robust protection, with a 97% true positive rate and 98% automated common response actions, with the flexibility to choose the best tools for your needs.

Industries We Work With

We have the capability and experience to provide in-depth managed security and IT support to businesses across a range of sectors, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Non-profit
  • Real Estate
  • SMBs
  • Enterprise
  • Finance

Communities We Serve

In addition to being a managed security service provider in Houston, we also support businesses in:

  • San Diego
  • San Francisco

Find Out More

To find out more about CyFlare or our MSSP services in Houston, please contact us.