CyFlare Partner Enablement Program

Datasheets, Training and Templates To Enable Rapid Go To Market

Because we are built to enable and support our partners we have put an incredible amount of resources into rapidly enabling our partners to understand, pitch, prove, propose and close 24×7 Security Operations Center and Security Event Management projects.

We provide re-branding services of our templates to our partners to expedite your go to market strategy. We will take your logo and update our customer facing templates to include your logo, company name, color scheme and contact information. Within a few days we will send you your branded proposal template, Proof Of Value Templates, datasheets and power point presentation(s).

The Partner Pack Includes The Following Benefits & Collaterals:

Free Sales Training
CyFlare works with your sales reps to bring them up to speed on market trends, how to profile customers, qualifying questions and provide an overview on how the CyFlare services works.
Free Technical Training
We work with your technical personnel to ensure they understand the components of the solution, architecture and the technical benefits. This program includes live demos and q/a so that your technical resources are comfortable recommending the CyFlare solution.
Free Pre-Sales Engineering
CyFlare will join you in sales calls to assist with discovery, pre-sales proposals, demos or proof-of-value deployments.
Proposal Assistance
CyFlare will work with your team to help craft an accurate and detailed proposal.
CyFlare Battle Card
We provide a standard battle card to address key solution benefits, qualifying questions, profiling suggestions and a general service overview.
Straight Forward Price List
Easy to read and understand price list to make it possible to scope and qualify your opportunities.
Customer Facing Pitch Deck
We will provide you with a presentation to use for your customers to pitch managed cyber security or managed siem services.
Service Specific Datasheets
Datasheets for the various offerings to highlight key benefits and features of the solution.
Diagrams & Graphics
Helpful visual aids that you can use in your marketing to help customers understand how the service and solutions work to make for a more impact-ful presentation and message.
Legal Contract Templates
We provide a Master Services Agreement template to help get you started.
Proof Of Value Plan Template
We provide a Proof Of Value template to help guide your customers through what is required for the POV , test cases and sequencing to make the POV smooth and predictable.
Sales Proposal Template
Detailed sales proposal with deliverables, discovered artifacts and project sequencing to help close business.
Sales Discovery Questionairre
Easy to read questionnaire for you and your sales team to use when doing initial security based discovery calls.
Technical Discovery Questionairre
Detailed technical questionnaire to provide to customer to help ensure an accurate scoping.
Monthly Security Briefing Template
We provide a template for you that is reviewed with customers monthly highlighting events from the SOC, recommendations and other gaps to discuss.
Website Copy
Copy you can use to create a new services page and get the word out on your website.
Press Release (Optional)
We will write and send a press release announcing the partnership and the strategic importance to the identified target market(s).
Social Media Announcements (Optional)
We will post an announcement of the partnership on our Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter page.