Hacked Website Repair

Hacked Website Repair

Everyday we get to work with clients that have infected websites. They all share the same concerns. How could this happen? How do we fix it? And how do we prevent it from happening again?


It’s important to address your hacked website immediately. Most people don’t know when they have been hacked. A quick check is to do a google search for your specific domain name. If other descriptions come back from google other than the services you provide, you have been hacked. With Cyflare your website will be monitored  24/7 and you will be alerted immediately when these attacks happen again.


Removing corrupted data and restoring the site to its original state is the first goal. At Cyflare, we will initiate a deep scan to locate and troubleshoot the compromised material in the website. Our highly skilled security team is able to restore most sites within the first 24 hours if not immediately.


Once the website has been restored there is NO guarantee that it won’t get hacked again. In fact, 20% of all hacked websites will be hacked again within the next 30 days. Our Cyflare Pulse Prevention Solution will integrate a web application firewall blocking malicious attacks before they even happen. It will also optimize the site by speeding up load time on images, code and mobile version for the major search engines and end-users.