Holiday Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Your Organization

As the year winds down, everyone – including security teams – is busy, and cyber actors know it. Over the holiday season, the global number of attempted ransomware attacks has increased by 30% YOY! IBM Security Intelligence outlined five critical tips for organizations to help protect themselves and their organizations heading into 2023. Read below and understand how CyFlare can support these holiday cybersecurity tips: 

1. Have a Response Team in Place: 

Before you head out for the holidays, know who can be called in if a data breach occurs. In writing, it would be best if you established who’s on call and when. On-call team members should understand their roles and responsibilities, but it’s crucial to confirm who will be responsible during the holidays.

The CyFlare Security Analyst Team works swiftly and thoroughly to help organizations identify, detect, contain and eradicate all security incidents. With a sound incident response plan in place, covering the entire range of the breach is possible. Once a threat has been restricted, you can rely on CyFlare to help build out a proactive incident response plan that will help you know exactly how to prevent any potential breaches, intrusions, fraud, or other incidents in the future.

2. Consider Managed Detection and Response Services: 

With the increasing complexity of malicious and automated cyberattacks, many organizations lack the proper security skills to handle these sophisticated threats. Furthermore, even organizations with the required expertise often struggle with managing too manToday’sity tools and alerts to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) adequately.Today’s reality demands 24/7 coverage of investigative alerts, as threat actors tend to attack during non-business hours. CyFlare’s MDR services include Advanced Endpoint Protection and EDR to stop zero-day threats and ransomware — all managed by the 24×7 CyFlare SOC. 

3. Be Cautious with Downloads, Clicks, Messages, and Emails: 

As we prepare to spend time with family and friends and hurry to get our work done, it’s safe to assume we may let our guard down when it comes to reading emails carefully. Remember: the majority of malware that infects computers and other systems is due to human error. Therefore, all employees should treat any unsolicited messages with high suspicion.

4. Lockdown Privileged Accounts: 

It’s common for cyber villains to penetrate networks by escalating privileges to the admin level, where they can then deploy malware. High-level access would rarely be requested or required on holiday breaks. CyFlare can rapidly identify Indicators of Compromise (IoC), such as if a machine has logged in at a suspicious time or unfamiliar location. We then can identify what specific actions should be taken for continuous improvement.

5. Establish Clear Isolation Tactics: 

Isolation stops attackers from making further progress in their network destruction and spreading malware to other systems. However, as networks become more complex, isolation may be difficult to execute in a real-world cyber-attack incident—cue Extended Detection and Response (XDR).
CyFlare’s XDR gathers all anchored tenants required to detect and respond to threats in one single pane of glass for easier analysis. By doing this, security teams can quickly remediate without getting bogged down by multiple incidents and workflows. CyFlare also has created curated playbooks that a) align with customers’ “personalities,” b) are flexible to align with customers’ ever-evolving processes, and c) are included in the cost of their subscription (unlike the competition)!  

    As part of the ONE Complete offering, our Managed Endpoint and XDR Services include proactive threat hunting, 24x7x365 incident monitoring, and intelligent triage powered by extensive playbooks and AI learning. Our Cyber Risk Intelligence Services identifies vulnerabilities, scans for sensitive data, secure configuration management, darkweb monitoring, and more. 

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