The CyFlare Advantage: Stop Threats, Cut Costs, Simplify Security

300+ Integrations

CyFlare seamlessly integrates
with 300+ security tools,
converging your defenses and
unlocking the full potential of
your existing solutions.

344 Use Cases

From phishing attacks to insider
threats, CyFlare’s pre-built use
cases provide proactive
protection for virtually every
security scenario, keeping your
business safe from harm.

97% True Positives

With a 97% true positive rate,
CyFlare cuts through the noise
and delivers actionable insights,
empowering you to focus on real
threats and respond swiftly.

40% Cost Reduction

What could you do with 40%
more budget? CyFlare’s efficient
solutions empower you to
optimize your security spending
and reinvest in your business

Your Security, Your Way:

Choose Your Path to a Converged Defense

Turnkey Solution

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Connect Your Own

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Core Threat Containment Use Cases

Contain Threats in Minutes, Not Hours: CyFlare’s mXDR correlates threat data across your entire environment, enabling swift and decisive action to isolate and neutralize attacks before they spread.

Disable/Enable User Account

Integration to make routine changes, such as adding an IP address to a blacklist or querying the whitelist

Network Isolation

Integrates with networking tools and platforms to isolate or remove a device from the network

Firewall Policy Update

This response action is invoked when there is a high probability the account or device has been compromised. To safeguard against account takeover and additional compromise, a user account can be disabled until properly investigated

Email Integration

Integrate to recall confirmed or potential phishing emails from mailboxes to minimize the risk of interacting with malicious URLS

Unlimited Incident


CyFlare ONE

97% True Positive
Rate Target

Onboarding and Deployment Assistance


After evaluating several Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), CyFlare emerged as the clear frontrunner. Their extensive security solution partnerships stood out compared to the limited offerings of other contenders. This flexibility allowed us to tailor our security environment with industry-leading products. CyFlare has become an integral part of our Information Security team, and together, we strive to fortify our defenses and propel the security program to new heights.

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