Cybersecurity Solutions for Financial Services

Advanced threat detection and automated response to protect your clients’ assets and your reputation.

In the financial sector, where trust is paramount, cybersecurity is not just an IT concern—it’s a business imperative. At CyFlare, we specialize in cybersecurity solutions for financial services. We understand the unique challenges facing financial institutions and offer a comprehensive suite of tailored solutions to protect your clients’ assets, safeguard your reputation, and ensure regulatory compliance. Our services go beyond traditional security measures, providing a multi-layered defense that adapts to the ever-evolving threat landscape.

The Stakes are High

Data Breaches

Client data is a goldmine for cybercriminals. A breach can lead to devastating financial losses, regulatory fines, and irreversible damage to your reputation.

Ransomware Attacks

These attacks can halt operations, disrupt client services, and result in significant financial setbacks.

Regulatory Compliance

Non-compliance with regulations like GLBA and GDPR can lead to hefty fines and legal battles.

Insider Threats and Third-Party Risks

Threats can originate from within your organization or through interconnected systems and vendors.

CyFlare: Your Partner in Financial Cybersecurity


24/7 Managed Extended Detection and Response (mXDR)

In the fast-paced world of finance, threats can emerge at any moment. Our 24/7 mXDR service provides continuous monitoring and rapid response, ensuring your critical systems and sensitive client data are protected around the clock. We combine cutting-edge threat detection, automated response, and the expertise of our security analysts to give you a unified view of your security landscape and the peace of mind you deserve.


Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (mEDR)

Your employees and clients rely on a multitude of devices every day. Our mEDR solution is a vigilant guardian for these endpoints, continuously monitoring for and responding to threats in real time. By proactively detecting and neutralizing attacks at the endpoint level, we minimize the impact of cyberattacks and safeguard your valuable data.


Vulnerability Scanning Services (VSS)

Prevention is always better than cure. Our Vulnerability Scanning Services (VSS) help you stay ahead of the curve by continuously identifying vulnerabilities in your systems before attackers exploit them. By proactively patching and mitigating these weaknesses, we reduce your attack surface and make your network a much harder target for cybercriminals.


Incident Response and Planning

Even with the best defenses, incidents can occur. That’s why our Incident Response and Planning services are so crucial. When a threat is detected, our expert team acts swiftly to contain and neutralize it. We conduct a thorough investigation to understand the root cause of the attack. Then, we develop and implement a comprehensive remediation plan to restore your operations quickly. 

Did You Know?

Cybercriminals are 300 times more likely to target financial services firms than any other industry.

In 2023, ransomware attacks on financial services increased to 64%, nearly double the 34% reported in 2021.

Data breaches cost the finance sector the second highest costs amongst all others at $5.9 million.

Our Promise To You

Unmatched Threat Detection

CyFlare delivers an unparalleled 97% true positive rate, dramatically reducing false alerts and the associated burden on your team.

Automated Defense

Experience the relief of 98% automated remediation. CyFlare proactively addresses many threats before you even need to get involved.

Complete Tool Flexibility

We believe in the power of choice. CyFlare offers 100% freedom of tool choice, seamlessly integrating with your existing security tools.

As a financial institution, we sought to elevate our information security. CyFlare emerged as the clear partner, offering flexibility to tailor our environment with industry-leading products. We achieved 24/7 monitoring, streamlined upgrades, and comprehensive security awareness. Beyond technical expertise, CyFlare's passion for exceptional customer service aligns with our values.

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