Augment My Security Team​

Bridge the Gap, Bolster Your Defense: Augment Your Security Team with CyFlare Expertise.

As threats become more advanced and frequent, the technologies to address them are also changing to try and keep pace. In addition, organizations are now experiencing new cyber risks, such as a greater remote workforce, internet-connected operational technology, and social engineering.

Dealing with this can significantly burden your IT and cyber security teams. Maintaining the skills, tools, and capacity to handle this constantly evolving cyber threat landscape is costly and complex and can be a significant distraction.

CyFlare’s experienced and skilled cyber security professionals complement your existing IT or cyber security team by providing the additional capacity or skills you need to achieve your goals.

Our team takes the time to understand your organization and what matters most to you deeply. This approach and our one-team engagement model means we’ll work together to help you focus on your business without being distracted by cyber threats.

Does this sound like you?

Our security team is overwhelmed with alerts, leaving us vulnerable to attacks.

We lack expertise in particular security areas, leaving us uncertain about the best course of action.

My security team is experiencing burnout due to an increasing workload.

I need to augment our security team, but we’re concerned about the cost.

We’re operating in more of a “reactive” mode, not “proactive”

How CyFlare Helps