CyFlare is laser focused on providing a market leading Monitor, Detect and Respond (MDR) practice to partners and resellers requiring no up-front investment, staff or existing security practice.

Since 2016 we have been building a 24×7 Security Operations Center exclusively for partners to resell SOC services.  We do not solicit customers directly and never compete with partners.

Analyst data is overwhelming in demonstrating a massive gap globally for knowledge workers with cyber security skills and it is abundantly evident that is hard and expensive for stand alone entities to build their own Security Operations Center.  CyFlare provides a turn-key service to partners with pricing that is right-sized for the micro SMB through large enterprise leveraging best of breed and emerging cyber security technologies.

Managed Security Services

CyFlare offers Managed Security Services to our partners to the extent that they need it. We can be leveraged for just in time services delivery or complete staff augmentation.

Many of our partners have specializations and skill-set within their current engineering teams. CyFlare can be leveraged as needed for projects as they come up.

Not only do we have great talent internally we also provide an added benefit of working with hundreds of partners globally that provide a massive virtual bench for projects as they come up.