Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Detect, Investigate, and Respond to Cyber Threats Within a Single Platform

As a security leader, you understand the critical importance of protecting your organization’s workstations and servers from cyber threats. However, you may face challenges such as limited visibility into your network infrastructure, overwhelming security alerts, limited resources, compliance requirements, and the complexity of cyber threats.

CyFlare MDR provides a comprehensive solution to detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats within a single platform. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple tools and platforms. With CyFlare MDR, you gain complete visibility into each endpoint environment with full context and real-time data, empowering you to make informed decisions and take swift action to protect your organization.

Does this sound like you?

My organization has limited visibility into our network infrastructure, endpoints, and data flows.​

My analysts are overwhelmed by the alarmingly high number of security alerts, which is time-consuming.​

We have limited resources (staff, budget, technology) to monitor and respond to cyber threats effectively.​

As a CISO, I struggle to keep up with the complex nature of cyber threats.​

We are facing compliance challenges, such as meeting data privacy regulatory requirements.​

I need to be practical when it comes to my IT budget​

MDR Solution Highlights

Best-of-Breed EDR Included or BYO License

25+ Supported AV/EDR
Solutions Supported

24×7 SOC w/ Live Chat

SOC Initiated Threat Containment

2.03 Mins – Avg MTTDisposition

97% True Positive Rate

CyFlare Delivers:

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