CyFlare Announces Managed Remote Access Service & Advanced DLP Security Features

Rochester, NY, March 29, 2019 — CyFlare has announced it will be providing subscribers a new remote access service powered by TransientX, that provides organizations needing to publish internal applications to employees or contractors without the need for a VPN and frustrating end user experience.

The solution allows users to connect on demand or leverage application networking to seamlessly connect to internal applications that normally require VPN and other remote access solutions that generally introduce significant and unnecessary security risk to organizations.

CyFlare Remote Access allows Windows, IOS and Android users the ability to authenticate with the cloud-based service communicating only with a connector that sits privately inside the network. This connector brokers communications with the requesting clients allowing no public exposure, no VPN and fully federated authentication options.

A key differentiator of the offering enables several advanced security features that are directly tied into the CyFlare SOC including key logger and screen capture prevention along with clipboard protection. The solution is directly integrated into the companies SOC In A Box appliance series allowing clients to simply have CyFlare turn on the service within minutes when needed.

“In cases where organizations are simply enabling remote workers access to internal applications a traditional VPN or SSL VPN options introduce significant security risks, costs and undue management burden.  Additionally, these applications are typically sensitive and the security telemetry the SOC receives directly allows us to add significant value by reducing TCO, improving end-user experience, enriching SOC visibility and investigation quality.” Says Joe Morin – CEO & CTO CyFlare

“Legacy solutions like traditional VPNs or SSL VPNs are not designed for the Cloud and BYOD era we live in today. “Trust” is embedded in the fabric of the networks built by these solutions and as recent high-profile breaches like those of Travelex and Airbus showed, extending this inherent flaw to 3rd party vendors and users is a recipe for a data breach disaster.  With a top 100 MSSP like CyFlare, we will be able to offer managed zero trust network access services to enterprises of any size as a radically simple solution.”  Says Egemen Tas – Founder & CEO TransientX

The company is encouraging partners to reach out and request a trial to see for themselves the power of the platform and service.  Clients interested may reach out to their local Value-Added-Reseller or contact CyFlare directly for an introduction to one of the trusted partners in their area. More information is available here:

About CyFlare ( ):

CyFlare is a 24×7 Cyber Security Operations Center purpose built to enable Value Added Resellers, security partners and security vendors with MSSP and XDR services either as powered by or as a white label service. CyFlare enables VAR’s who cannot afford to invest or don’t have the desire to focus on building those capabilities. It offers these benefits with no up-front investment or expertise required. CyFlare offers a wide array of other managed security services on mainstream vendor security solutions to augment partner capabilities when and where needed.

About TransientX ( ):

TransientX, Inc is a zero-trust application networking company that provides a suite of products that help organizations transition from device centric networks to user & application centric networks while leveraging Zero Trust networking architectures.

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