Rochester, NY, October 10, 2017– CyFlare has announced its grand opening of a state of the cyber security operations center in Victor, NY which is purpose built to enable Value Added Resellers a turn-key Monitor, Detect and Respond practice as well as it’s own Managed Security Services. CyFlare is a certified MSSP partner of Alien Vault and uses the platform to discovery assets, determine vulnerabilities, analyze behavior and perform security event management.

“In the next 4 years over 20 Billion dollars will be infused into managed security services. Customers are hungry for security services and technology resellers cannot provide 24×7 security operations due to its cost, complexity and dependency on highly skilled cyber security workers. I am confident nothing like the CyFlare Security Operations Center exists in central NY or in the US for that matter. The company and SOC is purpose built to enable VAR’s a white label, just in time offering.” Says Douglas Mannella – VP Sales & Business Development

CyFlare is offering an open house on November 16th 4-7pm EST at 600 Fishers Station Road, Victor NY 14564. Registration link can be found here:

The CyFlare Command Center is an impressive facility boasting 25’ ceilings and nearly 2500 sq ft of cyber security excellence. The command center is manned 24 hours a day with cyber security analysts that watch customers network traffic, machine activity and evaluates those events against known indicators of compromise protecting clients employees, customers and intellectual property.

CyFlare is a 24×7 Cyber Security Operations Center purpose built to enable Value Added Resellers with MDR and MSSP services either as powered by or as a white label service. Value Added Resellers have existing relationships with customers that need Security Event Management and Managed Security Services. CyFlare enables VAR’s who cannot afford to invest or don’t have the desire to build such a facility. It offers these benefits with no up-front investment or expertise required.

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