CyFlare Launches Certified Account Executive Program to Accelerate Partner Enablement and Drive Growth, Revenue

CyFlare, a leading XDR-enabled SOCaaS Provider, announced they are launching their first Certified Account Executive (CCAE) Program to help improve partners’ knowledge of CyFlare solutions and further expedite sales enablement. The new program will launch within CyFlare’s Partner Portal “Training and Pre-Sales” module.

“Given our channel-centric go-to-market strategy, it is a natural investment to provide foundational training, videos, and assets to accelerate the education of our channel partners. This investment ensures a high integrity cohesive offering going into the marketplace,” said Joe Morin, CyFlare’s Founder and CEO. “CyFlare has over 130 resellers that have consistently stated that their partner must make it simple and easy for their sales teams to become familiar with pitching, scoping, and pricing of their solution. As many sales representatives are still new to cybersecurity, that foundational training is critical to making the sales team as effective as fast as possible.”

Through a specific CyFlare Certified Account Executive Learning Track, partners will review a set of predetermined resources to self-introduce, educate, and onboard themselves in an easily consumable way. Once all materials have been thoroughly studied, a brief quiz follows that officially certifies them as a CyFlare Account Executive once passed. Assets within the program include solution overview datasheets, demo videos, price lists, and more to allow partners to become more successful in selling CyFlare services.

“The CyFlare Partner Portal already stands as an excellent resource for partners to register deals, acting as a single point of access to manage all phases of opportunities, from identifying them to winning. This is the first of several certifications we intend to launch in 2022,” said Brittany Day, CyFlare’s Director of Marketing. “Now, with a robust catalog of sales and marketing resources, in addition to the new Certified Account Executive Program, our partners are locked solid in understanding and communicating all things CyFlare.”

CyFlare welcomes prospective new partners to learn more and apply for a Partner Portal account at