GDPR Enforcement day is today May 25th but as far as we can tell at CyFlare it is no where in sight particularly for small & medium business in terms of compliance.  In reality, the SMB has truly just begun the journey to diligent cyber security monitoring and protection.

Over the last few months we have done 100’s of meetings with our partners and their clients and very few have a comprehensive security technology stack and actually doing something with it. The reality is the majority of the clients have little more than a firewall in place, security concepts are entirely foreign and there is no clear line of sight on what is needed, how to successfully deploy or manage and most importantly tying that back into the information systems management system (ISMS) or cyber security framework (CSF) and why it is being done in the first place.

These days Cyber Security is serious business. We take it seriously here and see this line of work as a higher calling and not just a business. This is about protecting our employees, customers, citizens, family and friends.  We are energized about the opportunity specifically within the SMB clients to assist them in developing a proper Cyber Security Framework, deploying solutions to support it and extracting maximum value.

For businesses looking to get on top of their cyber security program we recommend some basic steps:

  • Choose and implement a Cyber Security Framework
  • Assess visibility and control gaps and begin selecting the tools
  • Determine roles and responsibilities for managing the solutions
  • Define auditing practices to ensure controls are effectively implemented and leveraged
  • Summarize and report meaningful security metrics

We have many partners across the globe that are experts in building Cyber Security Frameworks, Security Assessments, solution deployment and of course, 24×7 monitoring and incident response powered by CyFlare.

GDPR and the related compliance measures such as HIPAA, PCI, FERPA etc.. are attainable when the above is properly done. All the compliance requirements can be overwhelming for businesses just coming up to speed but we can make this an easy process.

We look forward to assisting our partners clients in improving their cyber security posture and materially reduce the global crime rate.